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At A Pet's Choice, the results speak for themselves.


Grooming Package

groom, bath, brush, anal glands, nails, ears

Bath Package

bath, brush, nails, anal glands, ears


Nail Trim - $10

Please call the salon with any further questions about rates & services. Thank you!


Hours of Operation




Due to a high volume of customers, daycare is now only accepting dogs under 30lbs. In addition, walk-in availability is in limited quantity. Signing up for regularly scheduled days is the only way to guarantee a spot for your pup.


Full Day (4+ hours)  $30

Half Day                       $15

Treat Time                  $2

Daycare Passes

*all 10-day passes include a free 11th day*

10-Day Full Day $300

10-Day Full Day w/ Treat Time $320

10-Day Half Day $150

10-Day Half Day w/ Treat Time $170

5-Full Day $150

5-Full Day w/ Treat Time $160

5-Half Day $75

5-Half Day w/ Treat Time $85

What do we need?

To attend Daycare, we require a copy of your dog's updated vaccinations from your Vet.

Your pup must have updated Rabies & Bordetella shots. In addition, they must be spayed or neutered. If your dog is too young to be fixed, you must provide us with a timeline for doing so.